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Tricks or Treats? What the Latest Legal Developments Mean for Employers

When : October 26, 2017 (Registration Deadline: October 17)

Times : 7:30 a.m Registration/Breakfast
             8:00 a.m - 10:30 am Presentation

What : What the Latest Legal Developments Mean for Employers Seminar

Where : Holiday Inn Dayton/Fairborn

Cost : $30.00 per person (including breakfast)

As in the famous Edgar Allan Poe horror story, over most of the last decade employers watched hopelessly as the swinging pendulum of increasingly burdensome employment laws steadily advanced toward them with no end in sight. Now, employers have begun to see an unexpected reprieve. But has the swinging pendulum been slowed, stopped or reversed--and for how long? Is it just a matter of time before the walls start closing in? What little certainty there was has been replaced by rampant uncertainty. What is an employer to do? Join us as we discuss the latest on the many new changes and challenges affecting your business. Register today! Seating is limited.

Topics Covered

  • Tricks of the Trade in Eliminating Problem Employees
  • Workplace Safety Law Update
  • Non-Competes, Non-Solicitation and Confidentiality Agreements
  • Employment Law Update in an Ever-Changing Environment

BONUS: If you have follow up questions about specific issues facing your company, our attorneys will be available for the remainder of the day to provide consultations to seminar attendees at no charge.

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